About BuySell.

We celebrate 15 years of continuous success. Since 2001, we helped more than 27,000 clients with the real estate, residenstship and citizenship needs.

Quick facts about BuySell

  • Founded in 2001
  • Number of properties sold since 2001 to date: 27,000
  • Number of registered clients: 380,000
  • Number of monthly website visitors on 1,100,000
  • Number of international associates: 520
  • Offices all over Cyprus
  • Number of properties for sale: 23,000
  • Number of associated property developers: 162


Application fees for Cyprus (EU) Ctizenship


  • Main applicant €7,000
  • Spouse €7,000
  • Dependents <18 €80 each
  • Dependents 18-28 €7,000 each

Note: All application fees by the Cypriot government are subject to change. 

“Very simple.” Applicants fill out a three-page form, buy a home in Cyprus, and pay €7,000 in fees. Then, as long as you are able to produce a Certificate of Clean Criminal Record, “within 90 days, you can get your European passport for you and your family.​


At BuySell we pride ourselves on explaining the law and how you can obtain Cyprus (European) citizenship in 3 months. Your legal position is explained clearly and concisely, providing you with pragmatic, individual advice.


If you would like to discuss your immigration related concerns now, call us on the following numbers or email us for a free, no obligation chat.


Imagine what you can do with your Cyprus passport. You will be able to travel, live and work anywhere in the 28 countries of Europe. You can travel in 159 countries visa free. Your family will live in a safe place. Your children will attend the best schools and universities in Europe. You will be a citizen of a tax heaven within Europe. And, in Cyprus 90% of the population speaks English.

Cyprus (European) Passport

Let's go get your Cyprus (EU) citizenship now

BuySell Cyprus Real Estate is by far the most recognizable real estate brand and the largest estate agency network in Cyprus. Our services include property sales, rentals, conveyancing, residentship  and citizenship planning.
We have more than 15 years experience. We sold more than 27,000 properties so far. Every year we help hundreds of people with their residency and citizenship in Cyprus. We have the largest selection of properties for sale. In our books we promote more than 20,000 resale properties for sale all over Cyprus, plus we offer thousands of new investment projects from property developers. 
Just, tell us your property needs. We select ONLY the best value for money properties for your citizenship investment. Not only will we help you get the Cyprus passport in as little time as 3 months, but our team of experts makes sure your passport investment is a high return investment.
You can check the best Cyprus citizenship by investment property website here. The official website that helped 27,000 property buyers to find their property in Cyprus.

BuySell offers a free 30 minute Cyprus immigration law consultation, where you can speak to us on the phone for advice. You will learn how to buy a home in Cyprus and get Cyprus citizenship (European passport) in 3 months. The sessions are informal and require no financial obligation.

The process of obtaining Cyprus (EU) Passport

Free 30 minute consultation on Cyprus citizenship law.​

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